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It is my firm belief that anyone can learn to meditate, quiet the mind, and experience inner peace with practice and support. If you already meditate, you can still benefit from this course by deepening your concentration and focus in a world where almost every living being is suffering from attention deficit order.

The emphasis of the course is on apprenticeship — practical application rather than certification. From the first module you are immersed in continual meditation practice.

The course can be taken as a intensive to benefit oneself, family members and community, or taken with the intention to teach upon completion of the course. Whatever your choice, the rewards are great. Journeying within increases mindful awareness, ease and peacefulness.

We use the sutra of mindfulness, "The Four Foundations of Mindfulness" (The Four Great Frameworks) due its effectiveness and ease. It was probably one of the first sutras Siddharata Gautama (Lord Buddha) taught upon awakening. The other eighty-three thousand sutras came later.

The course is designed around a non-linear model, placing the greatest emphasis on oral transmission, one-on-one interaction with the teachers, and the use of empowerments (initiations). You may start the course at your leisure, and provided you complete the designated meditation hours and retreats, you may graduate the course at any time when you are ready. After completion you may either facilitate at the meditation academy in the meditation marathon, a 24/7 365 a year meditation vigil to cultivate inner and world peace, or you may take the training to your centers of learning or yoga studios.

There will be ongoing support from fellow graduates and a growing community we hope to expand across the country, with resident teachers heading each center, and taking the meditation training into communities, as well as the prisons, schools and hospitals.

And finally, you will find as you proceed with the course many interior and exterior obstacles that you encounter presently in daily life will reduce significantly due to a change in perception and outlook.

A gentle process of right thinking and right action naturally emerge when you practice the teachings and meditate daily. As you cleanse the body the mind becomes supple and alert with increased concentration, reducing attention deficit.

Also, as mindful attention grows, conflict decreases in one's daily activities and relationships. Mental lethargy and dullness Diminish, which in turn leads to a greater feeling of aliveness because you live more fully in the present moment.

When you bring full attention to every activity and to your interactions with others, this is meditation, the exact remedy the Buddha taught to end human suffering (stress). This remedy is always available to all humanity regardless of religion or race. The meditation Academy is non-denominational and we teach without attachment to religious doctrines or dogmas.


Meditation Apprenticeship Training Level 1

Course Includes:


Tuition for Level 1 Apprenticeship training is $2,207.00. Some scholarships and workstudies are available.

Please note that the course can be taken remotely. Arrangements can be made to accommodate your schedule. Please call or email Yogi Devi for further instructions.

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