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About Yogidevi

Yogidevi M. Kaur-Khalsa is a Third Degree Reiki Master-Teacher, an Intuitive Counselor, classically trained in Mindfulness Meditation, a Kundalini and Insight Yoga teacher.

She is a compassionate, gifted teacher, and her approach to teaching and healing is comprehensive, multifaceted, and multidimensional, with a playful synergistic outlook to transforming and aligning body, mind, and soul.

At the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Yogidevi teaches a monthly mindfulness/kundalini yoga meditation training for physicians, nurses and employees. In the Spring of 2013, she conducted the first successful Mindfulness/Metta Retreat training that offered the medical staff tools to handle stressful situations and difficult people in the work environment.

The Stillness Meditation Program that Yogidevi founded continues to meet every Monday at the University of Arizona Medical Center, for the cancer patients and their families.

In 2005 she started a yoga and meditation program for the girls at the Star Club of Matilija Junior High School in Ojai, California, where they learned how to truly relate with one another and socialize in a meaningful way. While in Ojai she also taught classes and workshops on yoga and meditation at Sacred Space Studio and The Blue Verandah and conducted a Vipassana meditation retreat sponsored by the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation.

Yogidevi is also a member of the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess, which became the first legally recognized religion serving the Women's Spiritual Community. The emphasis of this organization is to honor the divine feminine that lies within each of us, whether we are a woman or a man.

My Perspective


I created this site as a tool to assist you, the yogi or individual, on your journey to awakening. It's my belief that lasting happiness can only be achieved through the practice of yoga, meditation, or some form of inner exploration. Our daily lives are extremely stressful. The frequency or vibration of our planet is increasing and moving us forward, and in all of this transition it is becoming much more challenging for us to quiet the mind and calm the spirit. Our world is overrun by technology and is so frantic that most people have forgotten how to extend a caring attitude to everyone they meet, whether they are a family member or a total stranger. I feel that the time I give with care and attention enhances connection and slows down the frantic distracted interaction between people that is so common in our busy world. People have forgotten how to truly connect with each other.

Addiction to haste is the norm now. Our culture has turned haste and hurry into status symbols. We spend so much time on our technological devices, all the while yearning for a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Most of the technological devices we are so attached to were created from the noisy mind, and in using these devices we tend to enter into that very same state of awareness. This leads to an even greater feeling of being scattered and having a less spacious mind.

Happiness or peace of mind is possible with a clear, spacious mind, combined with a simple moment-to-moment settling into what is right here and right now.

Awareness is crucial to noticing when we're not present, and we've become caught up in the repetitive mental dialogue.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation for new clients, to determine which one of the tools or services will best serve you. We can work by phone, in person or on Skype. You can call and simply talk or ask questions. I have a one on one approach with my clients and students that focuses on quality of attention and care.