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Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic blend of the ancient spiritual technologies of asana (body postures and positions), mantra (sacred words or sound), mudra (gestures for the fingers and hand), and pranayama (control of the life-force through the breath). It balances the glandular, digestive, respiratory systems and helps support healing of immune disorders and strengthens the nervous system. It is a gentle yet potent practice that balances the flow of energy in the human body. It stimulates fluid softness and ease, enhancing a deep feeling of peacefulness and well-being in just one session.

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Kundalini Yoga Private Sessions

Private Instruction at your home or office to suit your lifestyle and needs.

90 Minute Private Session — $108.00 USD
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Kundalini Yoga Home Practice

The Kriyas (yoga sets) are faxed to you. You can choose from a 7, 11, 21, 28, or 40 day program to practice in the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Under my guidance you will have a direct link into the golden chain with Kundalini Yoga master Yogi Bhajan, who bought Kundalini Yoga to the West.

One Hour Phone Instruction — $67.00 USD
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Kundalini Yoga FAQ

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a specific form of the universal life force (Ch'i) as it manifests within our subtle bodies. The Kundalini energy within the human body connects us to our broader non-physical self. It is a bridge between the personal identity (the ego) and the soul.

What is the difference between Kundalini Yoga and other types of yoga?

The practice of yoga in general can lead to the awakening of the Kundalini energy in the human body. However, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan teaches you how to master the flow of energy in your chakras and how to live in harmony with the higher frequencies now on your planet. In Kundalini Yoga, we place a greater emphasis upon breath work and the chanting of mantras which raise your vibration, and we generally practice all of Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga.

Who can practice Kundalini Yoga?

Anyone who has a desire to feel more balanced, grounded, and connected with Source energy.

Can anyone do Kundalini yoga? Is it suitable for children?

Yes. I have senior citizens and people in wheelchairs who come to class. My students include athletes who work out, run, and practice yoga regularly as well as people who do no exercise at all and have never done yoga.

The classes are non-competitive and the eyes are often closed, which enhances the experience. The student's ease and comfort are most important to me as the teacher, so I often use props to accommodate different student's needs.

Children are very playful. They love the Kundalini Yoga classes for the chanting and hand movement and simple storytelling.

Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous?

Is breathing dangerous? Is it dangerous to have sex or to be in love or be creative? Is it dangerous to know God or to experience the Divine? To experience a sunset, to paint or to listen to Mozart? Is it dangerous to celebrate life?

Will Kundalini Yoga help me to sleep better?

Absolutely! Agni Prana (Breath of Fire) gently massages the internal organs of digestion and elimination, the nervous system, and the brain. A deep state of relaxation comes over you within 20 minutes of Kundalini Yoga practice.

Will I be more creative and energetic?

Kundalini Yoga is vibrant and energizing; it moves your ch'i. It's invigorating and balances your chakras, so your creativity is always at its peak. Your mental focus is enhanced. Kundalini Yoga moves you away from a contracted state fast.

I'm stuck, I don't know what I want to do with my life. Can Kundalini Yoga help me?

Absolutely, yes! As you practice Kundalini Yoga more consistently, your sense of direction becomes crystal clear. You know why you are here and you want to make a difference!

There's a lot of negativity around me, can Kundalini Yoga help me to clear some of this negativity?

When you practice Kundalini Yoga consistently, you automatically raise your vibration and you don't attract as much negativity.

What does it feel like to have a Kundalini flow or awakening?

When your Kundalini awakens or flows, it moves you from contraction (“stuckness”) to a very expanded state of being. Your energy becomes pure, balanced, and it moves fast and steady like a stream. It moves you from resistance to your natural state of awareness, and can move you into a deep state of stillness and relieve suffering. You may also feel a very dynamic and strong charismatic energy whereby others are drawn to you, or you may simply feel more creative. The frontal lobe of your brain, your emotional brain, and your cerebellum function much better.

How does Kundalini yoga work on the trillions of cells in the human body?

Through the use of the Breath Of Fire (Ajni Prana), the organs and the blood are quickly purified and energized. The cells are always moving towards well-being and balance, so with the use of this simple breath technique, the process is accelerated.

All the five systems in the body (endocrine, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive) are generally addressed with the practice of Kundalini Yoga. We have exercises (kriyas) that specifically target all the organs and fluids in the body, as well as balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

At its core, Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of joy, and induces well-being. It makes you feel exhilarated, blissful, energized and relaxed at the same time.

Is Kundalini Yoga asana-driven like most other forms of yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is not concerned with symmetry or perfect alignment of the poses or asanas, so it is less asana-driven. From your very first 20 minutes of class you are aware that this is a meditation and a journey within. It's not just exercise and physical culture. It's yoga the way it was taught by the masters in India and ancient Egypt. It's intimate and individualized to suit your personal needs.

Is Kundalini only in the body or does this exist outside of us?

The Kundalini life force is in the human body and will manifest as energy in various forms. The same life force is in plants all throughout nature, the animal kingdom, in the air (prana). It is the substance of existence. Think of it as Source energy flowing through the human body, but it exists all around us.

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Kundalini is life force within the human body. It permeates all life forms. It is universal essence in its most primal and sublime state. The mastery of the kundalini life force leads to enlightenment, universal oneness, and true compassion for all sentient beings.

~ Yogdevi Ma'at

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By the year 2013 the world population will be seven billion. The change in technology, psychology, and sociology will be huge. The chaos of information in the age will make it difficult for people to cope with their day-to-lives. The body, mind, and spirit will have to be organized to meet these natural human phenomena.

Every human, no matter to which religion they belong, will face a reality in the future where they will need a strong, healthy nervous system. They will need mental clarity and the back-up of spiritual strength to face this coming world. We can say with confidence, the only way to do this is through yogic techniques by which body, mind, and spirit can be enhanced.

To sustain themselves, tomorrow's individual must have yogic training. It is a need of the times. By 2013, sixty percent of the population will be practicing yoga. People will see that those who practice yoga are bright and beautiful, calm and blissful. They will recognize that the yogic community is sincere and dependable, serving and giving.

Yoga, with its every system, is going to prevail. We clearly see this trend, and it will lead to the end of human insanity and the prevalence of yogic glory. Yoga is a science for all humanity. It is the custodian of human grace and radiance. It holds a great future for every human being. It brings mental caliber for purpose and prosperity of life. The future of yoga is bright, bountiful, and blissful.

~ Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004)

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